vertx-jooq 2.2.0 released

Today I’ve released version 2.2.0 of vertx-jooq with the following fixes/changes:

  • Fix: Codegeneration puts files in wrong folders #5
  • Fix: Move jooq-codegen dependency to vertx-jooq-generate #4
  • Enhancement: Create deleteAsync(Condition), fetchOneAsync(Condition) and fetchAsync(Condition)-methods #3

Especially #3 is a nice feature and increases the productivity when working with the auto-generated DAOs. Let’s have a look at the unit-test which tests the new methods:

You can add any org.jooq.Condition to fetch (row 6) or delete (row 8) records without having to write the boilerplate SQL on your own – just let vertx-jooq do the work for you.


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