Hello async my old friend

Let me present you vertx-jooq-async: the world’s first fully async and type-safe SQL code generation and execution tool for VertX™. Async? Wasn’t it asynchronous before? It was, but what the code did was wrapping JDBC-calls using Vertx’ executeBlocking-method, which just shifts the blocking code from one event loop to another (see also).


With this release however, things have changed. jOOQ is still used for generating code and creating type-safe queries, but code is executed utilizing vertx-mysql-postgresql-client. That library in turn is based on a non-blocking driver for MySQL and Postgres databases, so this time it is really non-blocking.

Although some stuff is yet missing – you should go and check out the github-page. Now.


vertx-jooq goes rx

After releasing a new version of your pet-project – what do you expect as a first reaction? Cheer? Love? Joy? No. People will ask for more. Welcome to the internet:

Clement Escoffier, vertx hero and avenger of unresolved github-issues however jumped in and added RX-Java support for vertx-jooq! Thanks to him, there is a new VertxDao that exposes various RX-like CRUD-methods:

This is cool! Also don’t forget to check the github-page for more details.